Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week are mud crabs delivered to resorts and restaurants?

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at present

Do you sell to individuals or only resorts and restaurants?

We will sell to individuals but minimum order size is 5kg, plus freight or delivery cost if appropriate. Contact sales for further information.

Do you have a quality control system in place?

Yes, we grade, process and package mud crabs using quality standards similar to those used in Australia.

How do you grade mud crabs?

We grade them by sex, male and female and also by weight into 3 grades

Is a male or female crab better to eat?

Both are great and their meat tastes just the same. Males have larger claws than females which some prefer, however many like females as their eggs can be used in dishes such as chilli crab to make a tasty sauce – think crab caviar!

Is there a season for mud crabs?

Mud crabs are available all year round in Fiji. Quantities available will vary according to production schedules for farmed mud crabs and the weather for wild caught mud crabs.

Are mud crabs native to Fiji?

Yes, the local name for mud crabs is Qari (‘nGgari’). The only species known to occur in Fiji is Scylla serrata.

Do mud crab prices vary seasonally or as a result of supply and demand?

The Crab Company of (Fiji) has a fixed price policy so that restaurants can cost their meals with certainty. However the company reviews mud crab pricing every 3 months and will advise customers in advance of any proposed changes.

What pack size is used by The Crab Company of (Fiji)?

For the domestic Fijian market we use a cardboard carton that can hold approximately 10 kg of mud crab, however the exact weight of crab in each box is weighed accurately and recorded on the box.

Do you sell any other mud crab products at this time, other than live mud crabs?

Live mud crab is the premium product that the company provides to the food service sector. Sometimes if supply is interrupted by weather, a failure in logistics or similar, mud crabs may be frozen. However, only live, healthy mud crabs will be frozen, any dead mud crab is discarded. Customers will be advised of the availability of frozen mud crab.

What is the best way to kill a mud crab prior to cooking it?

The recommended way to humanely kill a mud crab is to place it in a freezer for at least one hour. Dropping a mud crab into boiling water is not recommended as they may thrash around splashing boiling water, crab meat prepared in this manner may be tough as a result of stress and claws or legs may fall off.

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