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We are a unique enterprise that specialises in the production of live mud crabs for the growing Pacific seafood market. Established in 2009, we began our own hatchery operations in mid-2011.


About The Crab Company (Fiji)

Our hatchery facility is leased from the University of the South Pacific and based at the University’s Marine Campus in Suva. The young crablets are produced here and then they are taken to the company farm in Navua for up to 8 months to acquire a marketable size.

What We Do

We provide employment for coastal communities by working with local Fijian farmers to rear young crabs to full size in mangrove pens

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Our FAQ section has answers to our most asked questions, but if you need a more detailed answer feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to you asap!

Learn More

Do you want to know more about mud crabs and prawns farming?  You can find our more by checking out the “Our Process” page.

What our clients say

  • In deed your product has never disappointed us either in term of quality, freshness, and cleanliness condition. You can be assured that our expectations at the GPH in regards to suppliers, product freshness and quality are very demanding. I am please to say that your company, till now, never disappointed us.

    Grand Pacific Hotel
  • The professional packing of your crabs in either 5kg or 10kg boxes makes ordering and organizing to cook your product a pleasure compared to many food service items produced in Fiji. The crabs are well tied and soldier packed to ensure they do not move during transport. This means our staff can handle them without fear of being bitten or cut by their claw

  • We are a commercial business and have costs, margins to respect, but I only see benefits in the long term to have companies like the Crab Company. We as chefs, have due diligence, duty of care towards both our clientele and suppliers. ACCOR group has from very early days been promoting sustainability and traceability. Companies like the Crab Company make our work easier and would recommend all chefs in Fiji to think before they write menus of their impact on the natural resources we take too often for granted.

  • Your company’s integrated business model for farming crabs within Fiji’s extensive mangrove forests fits well with the Government’s rationale to promote ecologically sustainable development orpportunities for coastal and rural communities. We are encouraged by the significant employment potential of your venture in these communities moreover your efforts in developing a farming system that involves the traditional owners of the coastal fishery resources bodes well for the long-term success

    Ministry Of Fisheries & Forestry
  • It is also pleasing to see that farming the mud crabs also helps to eliminate undersized crabs being sold on the road side and market, as previously you would have to buy the whole bundle resulting in losing half as you would release them back into the river as they were undersize, not all buyers would release undersize crabs which in turn would place great strain on the population of crabs in the future. We would greatly be looking forward to any other products you may bring in the future, especially sea prawns as currently the sea prawns we purchase are all imported.

    The Pearl South Pacific
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